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You have questions?  We have answers:


-When is the airshow? -

The inaugural Wildwood Airshow will take place on June 6-7, 2020 with a practice day on Friday- June 5th. The aircraft performances will commence around 12 Noon and conclude around 4PM. 

-Where is show center?-

 Anywhere along the beach  will be a terrific spot to view the show!  Show center will also feature upgraded seating and vendors to purchase food, beverage and merchandise. 

-How much are tickets?-

The airshow is FREE to the public with upgraded seating options available for purchase.

The upgraded seating will feature VIP views close to show center, quality sound of the airshow narration, shaded tent with tables and chairs and private beach area.


-Do you have senior citizen, military, student or other discounts?-

Early discounts are currently available to everyone until March 10.  

-Can you give me a schedule of acts?-

For security and logistical reasons, we are unable to provide a performance schedule in advance of the show. We thank you, in advance, for your understanding.  Flying is schedule from 12 NOON to 4PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  A performer lineup is available on-site in the airshow program. In addition, performers will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the show.


-What items are prohibited?-

 Prohibited items will include firearms, knives, fireworks, glass containers, drones, toys resembling firearms, barbecues, laser pointers, alcohol, illegal drugs will not be permitted within the show center area.  Please note that bags are subject to security inspection when entering the show center area.


-Where can we park? -

Parking will be available on a first come, first served basis around the beach.  Parking meters are available in North Wildwood, Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. 


Guests are advised to leave early and expect frequent delays or to seek alternative transportation to the show. Carpooling and ride sharing are advised.  Biking or walking are suggested for those who live/are staying close.

-What about handicap parking and viewing? -

Handicapped parking is limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please arrive early and have your handicap plate/ hang-tag available to ensure a parking spot. North  Transport and surfchairs will be available on a first come, first serve bases as the First Aid Station at 15th Avenue and Beach (609-522-7500). 

Wildwood: Contact lifeguard headquarters at Lincoln Avenue and Beach- 609-522-8258

For Wildwood Beach Transport – 609-408-4714

Wildwood Crest: Contact lifeguard headquarters at Rambler Road and Beach- 609-522-3825

Attending the airshow is fun, but also can be physically demanding.  Everyone should make sure they are physically fit enough to attend an all day show set in the sun and sand. 

Will lifeguards be on duty? 

Lifeguards will be available from 10:00am to 5:30pm at the following locations:

North Wildwood Beach Patrol Headquarters: 15th Avenue & the Beach – 609-522-7500

Wildwood Beach Patrol Headquarters: Lincoln Avenue & the Beach – 609-522-8258

Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol Headquarters: Rambler Road & the Beach – 609-522-3825

-Are shaded areas available?-

Shaded areas are available in the upgraded seating areas.  Beach guests should anticipated little to no shade.  It  is suggested that guest bring umbrellas, wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and drink plenty of water.  Please remember to be courteous to the people that may be behind you during the show to avoid obstructing their view. 


-Do I need to bring my own seating or can I purchase/rent seating at the event?-

We recommend all attendees without upgraded tickets bring their own seating or be prepared to sit on the sand. Keep in mind you may have to carry these items with you throughout the day, so consider bringing chairs with carrying straps or a bag to hold your towels/blankets in. 


-Will there be food, drink and merchandise available for purchase?-

A variety of food, beverage and merchandise vendors will be available for purchase (cash and credit) near show center.  Our concessionaire makes every effort to ensure menu items are suitable for all guests.  It is recommended that all attendees who have food restrictions eat before the show and / or bring snacks. 


-Can I watch from a boat on the water? 

Those on the water will have a great view of the show!


During the hours of 12PM to 4PM the airshow will institute what is called a sterile aerobatic box in the water which will be marked with buoys and US Coast Guard patrolling as well as lifeguards on jet skis to monitor the area. Swimmers should expect to only be able to swim in waist deep water during these times.  Boaters should refer to the US Coast Guard notice to mariners for further location information.  

-Can I bring my dog? 

Pets are are not allowed on the Boardwalk at any time or the beach during the show. There is a Dog Beach at Poplar Avenue. North Wildwood has a DogPark on 24th Avenue, east of the Boardwalk.


-What type of medical services will be available?-

First aid only will be provided such as treatment for minor cuts/bruises and hydration.   Emergencies should phone 911 or head to Cape Regional Medical Center. 

-Are there restrooms? 

Public access restrooms are located at the following locations: 

North Wildwood: Located at 7th Avenue & Kennedy Drive, Lifeguard Headquarters at 15th Avenue & Beach, 25th Avenue & Boardwalk, Olde New Jersey Avenue & Seawall.

Portable bathrooms on beach every 3-4 blocks in season. Wildwood: Located on the boardwalk at Glenwood, Schellenger, Roberts and Bennett Avenues.

Wildwood Crest: Located at Rambler Road and the Beach.


-Where should we stay?-

Visit Wildwood is the official website of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Wildwood, Nj.  ON this site you will find up-to-date information on Wildwood hotels, restaurants, attractions, things to do, shopping and more.  


-What if it rains?-

If weather poses a risk to safety of public or performers, some flying  demonstrations may be modified, delayed or suspended. Upgraded tickets are non-refundable. 


-What else should I know before I go?-

We’re excited to have you, your family and friends join us! Here are some tips to help you have a fantastic day at the airshow:

-Plan ahead and arrive early.  Traffic and parking may get congested. Be sure to obey all posted parking signs.  

- Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.  You may have to walk a ways to get to your desired vendor or viewing area. 

-Don't forget the sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, water, snacks umbrellas and hearing protection - especially for children. 

- Grab your cameras, but leave the drones, glass containers, barbecues and alcohol, at home. No aircraft, including any drone (UAS), may be operated within five nautical miles of the airshow site. Local pilots are encouraged to check NOTAMS for the latest temporary flight restrictions (TFR) and airspace requirements. Beach access is restricted 10 pm to 6 am from May through September.


Who can I contact for additional information? -

Was your question not answered on the site? For more information, email

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